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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Digital Al-Quran Reading Pen

Holy Digital Quran Read Pen-M900

Quran Read Pen is an assistive reading device that is designed for Muslims / non-Muslims
learning to recite Holy Quran which Includes built-in speaker and headphones.

Quran Read Pen hides a unique technology that scans and pronounces Quran Page / Sura / Aya
from printed Quran. This powerful tool fits in a pocket and has an intuitive, friendly
1. A quran read pen can read all complete quran book with 5 famous reciters' voices.
They are Maher Maekli, Alsudaes, Alhuthaifi, Albaset, Ghamidi.
2. A gold-filled and well painted holy quran sounds book. Size:20*14*3cm

3. Recording voice for comparison quran sounds.

4. Read the quran text loudly and high fidelity by touching the paper.

5. Read relevant sentence by touching anywhere of the sentence and repeat by touching

6. Read the whole sura by touching the sura title;
7. 4G memory and support extend 2G TF card to extend memory for MP3 or new reciter voice.
8. Integrate with a high fidelity speaker and support the earphone;

9. Eight languages voices. They are English, Uyghur, urdu, French, Turkish, Kurdish,
Persian, Malay, and the remaining language in the production.

10. Rechargeable battery, A-Grade lithium battery built-in
Package Accessories:
Charger, Earphone, Pouch, User Manual, Hang ring, USB cable, Batteries: Built-in Li

Digital Al-Quran Reading Pen Only At RM299
For Unit Purchase Or Wholesale Pls Contact to Get Quotation

CCL Hp :0125840822

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